One day I got a call to go see an elderly woman who needed her house staked out. She was a friend of a friend. She only lived about 15 minutes from my house. Her husband had recently pass away, and her son grown son was causing her problems. I called her and made an appointment to go by.

She lived in a small, frame rent house with a detached garage in a pretty little area north of town. It had a homey look and feel and was surrounded by some large oak trees. I knocked on her door and she quickly let me in, expecting my visit.

She invited me to sit on the couch and asked me to explain the idea behind the stakes with Bible verses on them. I gave her a quick overview, emphasizing the power of God’s Word as the solution–not something “magic” in the stakes. She eagerly accepted the thoughts and ideas I presented, and was anxious to get them planted in the land surrounding the house.

I explained the cost of my book and the stakes. But she said she didn’t have much money and could use some old stakes she already had.

Then I asked her why she thought she needed them, and that’s when her whole story came out.

She explained that her son owned rental property all over town. In fact, the house she had lived in was actually her son’s property–she and her husband (recently deceased) had rented the home from her son for over 20 years. Since her son owned the house, he didn’t feel the need to knock on her door when he came to get the rent money. He just walked right in at any time–unannounced.

“Wow,” I responded, “That’s a little rude.”

“Everyone hates him,” she continued. “He has run off his wife and kids. He’s divorced now. He has no friends. No one can stand to be around him.”

“How does he talk to you,” I heard myself ask. (Not sure why I asked that.)

“He screams at me all the time,” she answered. “He says he hates me, that I was a terrible mother, and that I’m the reason he is divorced.”

“Sounds like he has a demon,” I said thoughtfully.

“That’s what everyone says,” she responded.

“OK,” I instructed, “Here’s what we are going to do. First, I’m going to give you the book and the stakes free. And I’m going to install them for you around the home while you read the verses out loud in the kitchen. So you won’t know where they are. I know this is his property, but he is your son, and you love him. You’re doing this to help him. If I install them deep in the ground while you are in here reading, you won’t know where they are. That way, if he finds out about these stakes and wants you to remove them, you won’t even know where they are!”

“Good idea,” she said.

“Before I leave, I’m going to tell you what will happen after we do this: either he won’t want to come on to the property anymore, or when he comes, he will be very nice and polite. He will be like a completely different person. And I’m going to call you in a few weeks to see what happened.”

“OK,” was her answer.

After a couple of weeks, I gave her a call.

“How has it been going with your son?” I asked.

“GREAT!,” she responded. “He has come by several times and has been very polite each time! It was just as you said! He’s like a different person! And he sent me flowers on mother’s day! He’s NEVER sent me flowers on mother’s day!”

I don’t really understand it all, but I do know this: God’s Word is still powerful.

Steve Hemphill, author / inspirational speaker
“My Search for the Real Heaven”
(Also Available In Spanish)
“My Search for the Real Heaven Workbook”
“My Search for Prayers Satan Hates”
“What Are The Stakes?”

About Steve Hemphill

Steve Hemphill grew up in Mason, a small town in Central Texas. He graduated high school in 1975, and received a B.A. in Marketing from Abilene Christian University in 1979. He married his college sweetheart immediately after graduating, and is the father of three boys. He was the founder and owner of a successful technology company in Northeast Texas for almost 30 years, with over 30 employees and annual revenue of over $6 million. Steve was the son of a missionary until his Father passed away in 2000. He and his brother searched for the “Last Will and Testament” and found it in a safe that contained a sealed envelope which stated, “If you find this after my death, do NOT open it, destroy it, it’s not important, Dad”. This led him to research what the Bible has to say about “Heaven” resulting in his first book, My Search for the Real Heaven. He later wrote My Search for Prayers Satan Hates, a detailed look at the Bible’s teaching on demons, prayer and spiritual warfare. His speaking career began in 2009. Since selling his business, Steve now dedicates his time to speaking, writing and leading retreats. His outreaches and inspirational events include sharing “God’s Stories”. He has lectured in many states and several foreign countries on a variety of topics. He keeps audiences spellbound and focused with his fast-paced, enthusiastic presentations and compelling real-life stories.

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