evil demon vase from Honduras

After spending several years on the road speaking on demons, prayer, and spiritual warfare, It’s quite common for me to get a text or an email asking a question. One such question came yesterday:

“I am reading your books and have ordered several sets of your stakes. Question: I have this vase that I purchased on mission trip to Honduras this summer. Just looked at the figures on it and wondering if they are Satanic. Linda” (Pictured above.)

Here was my response:

“I don’t know enough about the Honduras culture or gods to tell you for sure. Pray about it and ask God to reveal to you whether it’s OK or not. He is good at that… Be sure to tell him you will destroy it if it dishonors Him in any way. Let me know what happens…

Your Servant,


P.S.: thanks for all the orders! I hope they bless your life greatly!”

I got a response back from Linda right away:

“They are blessing my life already. I have staked out the condo property where I live. Our church meets in a school so we staked that out, as well as an office building where we rent space to have other meetings during week, and our preachers house. I also staked out my sons house in NY … Ordered the others to take to Michigan and Indiana where my other children live. I try to talk to them about the reality of demons, not sure how successful I will be. I raised them in very conservative, legalistic church so …”

I understood that completely. I was also raised much like that, and really struggled with this concept when it first began happening around me.

Early this morning I got another message from Linda:

“I prayed as you suggested and in couple of hours God answered me. I was visiting friends and happened to show them the picture of the vase. He said right away that was a god they worshipped and could be used by Satan. He recommended I destroy it. This is without knowing what you had told me. Thank you. Our God reigns!!!!”

God is good. All the time.

Lord, thank You for your goodness and mercy and for answering our prayers when we are focused on pleasing You and destroying all of Satan’s back doors into our lives and homes. Open our eyes to all the activities and objects that allow evil in. We are willing to destroy these things to honor You if You will only reveal them to us. In Jesus Name…

Steve Hemphill, author / inspirational speaker
“My Search for the Real Heaven”
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“My Search for the Real Heaven Workbook”
“My Search for Prayers Satan Hates”
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About Steve Hemphill

Steve Hemphill grew up in Mason, a small town in Central Texas. He graduated high school in 1975, and received a B.A. in Marketing from Abilene Christian University in 1979. He married his college sweetheart immediately after graduating, and is the father of three boys. He was the founder and owner of a successful technology company in Northeast Texas for almost 30 years, with over 30 employees and annual revenue of over $6 million. Steve was the son of a missionary until his Father passed away in 2000. He and his brother searched for the “Last Will and Testament” and found it in a safe that contained a sealed envelope which stated, “If you find this after my death, do NOT open it, destroy it, it’s not important, Dad”. This led him to research what the Bible has to say about “Heaven” resulting in his first book, My Search for the Real Heaven. He later wrote My Search for Prayers Satan Hates, a detailed look at the Bible’s teaching on demons, prayer and spiritual warfare. His speaking career began in 2009. Since selling his business, Steve now dedicates his time to speaking, writing and leading retreats. His outreaches and inspirational events include sharing “God’s Stories”. He has lectured in many states and several foreign countries on a variety of topics. He keeps audiences spellbound and focused with his fast-paced, enthusiastic presentations and compelling real-life stories.

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  1. Sharon

    My husband and I watched the series of lessons you did in February in Clovis, New Mexico. We wanted to show it to our adult daughter. After the first two we were unable to see it at all.
    Do you have these lessons on DVD? It has sure made us more diligent in prayer.
    Edward heard you at Lipscomb.
    May God bless you in your work.
    Edward and Sharon

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